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What's The Dark Zone in The Division

The Dark Zone is really the main selling point of The Division. Whereas the main game is player versus everything (PVE), the Dark Zone is both that and player versus player (PVP). It's a specific, separate area within the game's open world, in which it's basically mob rule.




Players can team up with strangers and friends, as before, and venture to find and collect valuable loot – which will include many of the game's best items – but they will be competing for that loot against fellow teams of players, as well as AI enemies more fiendish than in the main game.

Any loot acquired (from another player, or from a chest) is carried by the player until it is extracted by helicopter. If you die, it stays where you died until you or another player picks it up. Extraction also means noise, and attracting the attention of nearby players who now know there is loot up for grabs.

Players can attack any other player, but if you do you'll be marked as a rogue – making it clear you're not to be trusted. If a player dies as a rogue – they'll incur harsher penalties, and their killer will receive better rewards.

Dark Zone Credits are acquired here, and can be used at vendors within the area.