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The Division Main Negative Review

The Division received thousands of pieces of user reviews on Steam in the past 30 days, surprisingly 84% of which were negative. VG247 reported that with only 16% of positive reviews recently, the game was marked 'overwhelmingly negative' on its Steam page. It was worse a couple of days ago as the game had merely 10% positive reviews for the last 30 days.




Take a close look at those reviews, you'll find many of them are complaints and rants over the game's bugs and hacker problem in Dark Zone PvP. Although Ubisoft promised to punish hackers, they didn't gain players' trust. The upcoming expansions that focus more on other aspects instead of fixing Dark Zone is another reason disappoint the community.

As with any loot-heavy online video game, the real battle starts as soon as the player hits the endgame. Legendary items, high level enemies and the daily grind for better loot, the initial level cap is often just the beginning and Tom Clancy's The Division for PC, Xbox One and PS4 is no different.