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TERA - How To Level Your Character?

When I started Tera I planned to just kind of go at my own pace, completing quest lines and going from zone to zone, running dungeons occasionally here and there. But what I've noticed is that the "circuit" for quests isn't as linear and would sometimes send you to other areas while you still had quests in your area and there were a lot of short immediate quests and seeing all those "!" on the map made me think it might be a poor use of time to try complete everything.


Most people just run dungeons til max level and then do the endgame content because it's really good, but I feel like if I did that I'd just lose interest in the game and also not be familiar with all the mechanics, skills and features this game as to offer. So anyway, just wondering how people played the game and what's the best way to enjoy it. If you lack Tera gold, welcome to U4GM.com, you have come to the right place for all your gaming needs. Are you sick and tired of grinding away to get what you want? We will offer you cheap Tera gold, and we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.


If you like story arcs then quest away. I know there were a couple of really cool lines that I enjoyed when I leveled. Those saying grind dungeons seem like they're only interested in getting max level, which is fine. Not everybody likes to just hit max level ASAP though. Play however you like! There's a TON of things to do in Tera, and it caters to many different play styles.


Well, doing all the red quests, some kuma's royale and some dungeons (not all of them), gets you to 65 in about a week. That if you play about 6 hours a day. But it's like the others have said, do it at your own pace. I've heard some ppl goes from level 20 to high watch to farm BAMs and gets to 65 in a day or so. Honestly, I don't know how that is possible. For me, it's queueing kumas royale while doing story quests. I usually complete all of them, as one in allamantheia gives you a 9-day travel journal or something. 


The red exclamation marks give story quests. the good thing about these do not only do they eventually lead you to most if not all major towns and locations but they also teach you about the main NPCs in the world AND usually end with a run through the dungeon around your level (also usually resulting in getting a full set of the gear you would get from that dungeon if you were to grind it without the quest; instead you get it from the quest completion rewards). 


I would recommend that for a first playthrough you do all of those (in order, or else some of what the NPCs doesn't make sense) and maybe take a few side missions at the different towns you encounter if you feel you're a little low on levels or gold or gear, etc. I've been doing this and not only is it way more engaging than just running willy-nilly from town to town it also helps prevent boredom due to always changing locations and not having to re-run dungeons over and over just to get gear of my appropriate level. 


Make sure you do them at around the level they are, so, for example, a quest might be level 30, feel free to do it at around level 28-32 so that monsters drop loot you can use for enchanting your gear and the dungeons rewards, both from vanguard and questline completion are something that actually helps you that you can also equip. play as a healer/tank with your friend as the other of the two for maximum fun times/instant-queue on dungeon finders.