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Path Of Exile's Difference: Game Content Is Added Periodically

This game has 6 characters, and 1 additional new character can be opened after finishing the game. These 6 characters have different backgrounds, before finally becoming exile. The Path of Exile implements a PoE system of type dungeon instance, so it looks like a Dragon Nest so deh. The Path of Exile is an Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) created by Grinding Gear Games, some of the characteristics of PoE that distinguish it from other ARPGs are: 



PoE Is A Free Game-tis

Here we can not buy deadly weapons from developers by paying some money. GGG only provides transactions for cosmetic display. As it appears on this page, the flaming dragon can be purchased for 90 points to replace the fireball fireball fireball effect. Path of exile orbs plays an important role in playing the game. 


Skill-tree Is Flexible

The PoE-tree skill is shaped like a giant spider web. Each class starts from a certain point in this network, which determines what the values ??of the three main attributes are: Strength (Str), Dexterity (Dex), Intelligence (Int). But after the first few points, everyone is free to roam into other areas of the tree-skill. 


Game Content Is Added Periodically

This is also one thing that is highly favored by GGG. Since its launch, PoE has seen three significant content additions, and dozens of small content additions. If you have to compare between D3 and PoE, as an ARPG lover, I would say that PoE is better than D3 in terms of complexity and facet of playing experience that really takes time and effort.



Each PoE character, independent of its class, can use all available active skills, as they are present in gem form. Each gem has attribute requirements for its usage, such as minimum level or Str / Dex / Int minimum. Each gem can also have a special quality attribute, a maximum of 20%. With this particular attribute, the gem will have additional properties. 


Path of Exile is not shy of luring prospective players with the many loot that can be obtained by exploring various locations and killing monsters. Are gamers saturated with MMORPGs that are too cute and cute? Do you want to play a game with a more heavy theme, and be accompanied by challenging gameplay. Are you ready to know more news and guides? Reference from here