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NHL 18 Wishlist: Career Mode Is Main Wishlist From Players

Career mode in NHL 18 would be amazing with the feature to play cups for your team and world cup with your nationals. In all honesty, the primarily wishlist for NHL 18 would be adding the feature of career mode in it. EA is trying implement this feature in NHL 18 series. Hence, career mode is also main wishlist from players, and waiting to be implemented. More NHL 18 features wishlist details, and this game's videos and news, guides, view more at here



New Celebrations

Whether it be the cup win celebration or individual ones, there should be a feature for gamers to skate around the field with the cup in hand. Kissing the cup after winning it could be another celebration that could be added.


Skill Competitions

You should be able to get extra rewards in the game/PRO mode by competition in skill modes. There should be a mini version of the game that would make sure that you can get incentives that can be redeemed in a regular season. 


New Coaches

There have been licensing problem with all the coaches in NHL series so far. EA Sports should consider this immediately as the gamers are starting to get fed up with the old Fiddler or Ivan. The game could use additional assistant coaches and for each position. As for HUT, these new staff would pair up to create a new chemistry set.


Hire And Sack Coaches

The NHL 18 should feature full control over the game, meaning the gamers should be able to hire and fire coaches. In the franchise mode, the gamers should be given liberty to control all the staff members with a feature to add additional assistant coaches. This should have a significant impact on the game in overall.


Create New Teams

There is also significant step, create new teams, in the franchise mode, which is being able to control the overall of the game, the gamers should be able to create new teams for the National Hockey League series. The new team would have your own given name, a choice to add players and staffs and choose crest. 


As noted before, you should know basic NHL 18 features wishlist, and more wishlist will be listed, see more at here. Before this game launches, EA will try their best to do everything, and satisfy player's needs. As a professional NHL 18 Coins supplier, we will surely offer more cheap coins to players.